Sea freight has risen, safety footwear factory have been affected to a certain extent

A hot topic recently has been increased in freight rates. A missile attack and attempted hijacking of a Maersk Line cargo ship prompted some shipping companies to suspend plans to resume Red Sea routes. This has had an impact on the shipping industry and triggered widespread concerns about the safety of maritime cargo. At the same time, GNZBOOTS was also affected.

During this crisis, the delivery date of our company's Goodyear Safety Shoes business has been affected. Shipping difficulties and tight ship capacity have led to increased transportation costs. Ensuring the receipt of goods has become a major challenge for enterprises and freight forwarders. Yellow Nubuck Goodyear Welt Steel Toe Shoes order has difficulty meeting on-time delivery time, and as a result, we incur additional costs to meet its delivery commitments.

Despite the challenges facing exports, our company is working together to find solutions and mitigate the impact of recent events. Ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods, support global trade, and actively face existing threats and challenges.


Post time: Jan-18-2024